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It appears that Mr. Santoro has highlighted yet another aspect of domestic violence that we have only relatively recently began to focus on as a part of understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence — pet abuse or threat of animal violence. It is often the case when pets are shared that an abuser will make threats, and or carry out, these acts of violence against pets to cajole or control the victim.

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Unless Mr. Santoro has studied domestic violence episodes extensively, his narrative is appearing more and more likely to be quite consistent and therefore believable. In his defense, setting aside that there are plenty of ways to react to a situation like this, and plenty of legitimate reasons not to want the police involved some might be the reflexes of an abuse victim, some might be less flattering for SS like, say, drugs may be involved, who knows? It is a way to reach out to friends and family, tell them what is going on and see who can help.

Growing up my dad would hit my mom and she would leave him only to go right back. Until the police got involved it was a cycle of abuse, leaving and returning. The police put her in touch with DV help and that broke the cycle and got her the assistance needed so the police are not always bad in these situations. Social media is the first go to for many of these porn personalities. Perhaps most of his close friends were on social media because he lived with such an asshole. The going to social media, could be more a way to bring awareness than actually asking for help.

He did say People in D. I doubt that anyone in DC gives a shit about either one.

Billy got in trouble for taking money from a failing bar where he worked. If the stuff Seth is claiming is true it would not be the least bit surprising. He has issues. Having said that, if someone is abusing you, please do not run to social media for help. A hacked Twitter account should not keep you from alerting the police, family, friends or even neighbors. What a mess. I have comments, but I know it will just stir the pot no matter how neutral or fact-driven I try to make them, so I will say nothing except that I hope they get the help they need.

That from me playing armchair psychiatrist described a pretty textbook case of abuser and abused.

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I truly hope that Seth gets help, but more importantly, gets away. The first step is admitting the problem. Please, Seth. Know your worth and get help. This has to be all about you now, and getting to a safe, sane place so that you can go on with your life. Please, please, please get help. I hope you come out of this as well as you can and that you move on as you need. Which brings a whole new disturbing element into this.

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It turned my stomach. If so, he left that out of the interview. If he was charging that adds to it. Thats without his consent and making him a thing. Thats abuse on a whole new level. Yep…and someone who would sent random guys over to fuck your husband for kicks…. So, if he did collect money for it, it would not shock me.

Adam, I know that sounds like the logical, sane thing to do. But to an abused person who has been exposed for at least four years of this from someone you genuinely love…. Very true. My initial reaction was more puzzled and snarky but the more I think about it, the more seriously I take it.

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I appreciate the dose of reality. Thanks man. It was to hopefully get someone like Seth or anyone to maybe use FB messenger or their phone to call a loved one. Gain that support and step away before something happens that cannot be reversed.

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No reason for him to feel alone or lost. I know we all wanna go on SM because of how the world is and I know emotions kick in, but we also hope that survival instincts do too before he ends up more broken either emotionally or physical or worse dead. He may be broke and beat down physically, emotionally and psychologically.

I just hope that it gained him something…money, a place to stay, safety, sense of not being so alone. And a vulnerable victim of a skilled abuser can be a dangerous thing to experience. How the hell did I miss this story? Billy has a pretty questionable history in DC—he was accused of taking money from a failing bar that he either managed or owned, depending on the report it sounded like someone else was the principal owner. As for Seth, his one notable job was as a bartender at Cobalt, although there have been rumors about less legit activities. And then there was the gofundme for Lasix.

I do hope the cats can get escape all this.

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This pretty much confirms Seth has been physically abused by Billy in the past. I hope Seth is able to find the strength and courage to get out of this relationship. He broke the 1st rule of 21th century relationships. Interesting as fuck that Billy blocked my buddy after the Steve Pena and Jayson Smith beat down, when Billy said that every relationship he had been in had some aspect of domestic violence.

Just goes to show, stupid people should stay silent.

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It is a shame. This gif describes it best.. Give the kid a break.

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I never understood why some many guys thought he was hot. Hopefully Seth will learn from this experience and be careful next time he gets into a relationship. I have absolutely nothing to back this up but has anyone else constantly gotten the impression that there was something exploitative and coercive about their relationship? I have had much the same feeling. I live in DC and have seen them out a few times.

It has been a mystery as to what Seth sees in this arrogant asshole.